Scott Jablonski

I grew up in Overland Park, Kansas and have not strayed too far away from home throughout my life. Following high school at Bishop Miege, I went to the University of Kansas and earned a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing. Upon graduation I was afforded the opportunity to travel a bit but my passion for the subject of writing was not met with the sort of success necessary for supporting ones’ self, much less the habit of eating on a daily basis. Having not grown up with any connection to veterinary medicine other than owning animals, the idea of pursuing the path to becoming a veterinarian felt a bit foreign, if not overwhelming. Nevertheless, that educational focus led me to Kansas State University in the summer of 2007. I graduated as a member of the Class of 2011 with a primary focus on companion animal medicine with interests in internal medicine, ophthalmology, geriatric care and providing the education necessary to make pet owners more equipped to care for their animals at home.

Over the course of my career I have come in contact with other professionals, patients, and clients that have changed the way that I see my role as a veterinarian. The circumstances of animal health offer little consistency in being able to practice the same way with each and every case. While that might seem obvious, I pride myself on being a good communicator and an educated professional whose job is to offer guidance, creativity, treatment options, and above all else, compassionate care to both patients and clients.

I live in this community with my wife and three children and we plan on being a veterinary clinic that can be an asset to humans and animals alike. I would love to meet people in person and to be given the opportunity to create a reputation for great veterinary care by being open to the idea of receiving the wisdom and knowledge that my clients have gained throughout their owner experiences.

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